Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Bold Return of My (Hopefully) Regular Posts

             Nobody wants to hang out with that guy who only talks about his fantasy football team.  But it is something to talk about, and if you are consuming this set of words, it is most likely in the written form, so I’m not actually talking to you.  Since this is going to be about fantasy football in some high-level capacity, I’m still probably going to be talking about my particular teams some, but still as little as possible and only as a reference.  As I write this, too, I haven’t even written out a rough outline, so I can’t guarantee that there will even be any examples needed.  The particular reason I have decided to come back to the game (this blog, not fantasy football) is because there are just so many bad decision I’ve made from this past summer, and from the two months before, that I thought it was about time I did something with them again.  Work is starting to settle into a pleasant monotony again, and I have very little to distract myself from it than thinking through various topics when I’m on my coffee buzz (which generally extends from 9-11a, then a redux around 2 if it’s an especially long day).
            One of those poor decisions I’ve made has been to join just way too many fantasy leagues.  I have to defend myself by saying that most of them were necessary, as they were either work leagues or leagues I’d done in the past.  But it nonetheless puts me in that special category of Freak, which I often dread/pine for.  Five fantasy leagues means that I have a stake in almost literally every game on TV, which is frustrating and exciting at the same time.  I’ve really learned how to root for the right things to happen for my team, as in you will always root for an offensive player to score against your defense.  But to calm myself, I’ve learned to focus on two to three games each week other than the game my Packers are playing in.
            And the question inevitably comes up about what if you actually have to choose between your fantasy team and your reality team.  This is first of all rarely the case that it could literally come down to that.  Of course I would say Packers come first, but if you were to break my joy down in a pie chart for each weekend of football, it would be something like 55% the outcome of the Packers game, 45% my fantasy teams.  Maybe even a greater percentage for fantasy.   Don’t judge me- I have FIVE TEAMS.  So I’m bound to be more than fifty percent happy each week the Pack wins, just ‘cuz it will be so rare that I lose every fantasy match-up.
            Taking part in all these leagues, of course, really helps in doing scouting for what/whom I would want whenever I start my own league.  Such as what I did in one of my leagues this year.  I became commish.  Probably the greatest position of power I’ve taken since I became Treasurer in a club at college my senior year.  The moves I made as commissioner were both tepid and bold.  One of the bolder ones was to punish missed extra points (-5 points).  Another was giving bonuses to forty yard plays (+5, I believe).

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